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Vortex Technology Ltd

Fume extraction systems from Vortex Technology; for all of your fume extraction and filtration system needs.

We have over 20 years practical experience in all aspects of air movement, manufacturing processes and specialist filtration, to meet local legislation, worldwide. Working with TBH means that we can provide you with the highest quality systems.

Whatever your application, we have an efficient and economic fume extraction system solution for fume, dust, welding, oil mist extraction and filtration, meeting all UK and European standards of workplace air quality and production requirements.

All equipment is manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.

Vortex Technology; the latest in highly efficient, low operating cost, fume extraction systems for a wide range of processes and business applications.


As a result of thorough development, TBH will start the series production of new and

even more user-friendly INSPIRE control electronics. The operation is without a complicated menu navigation and is

maintained thanks to the new colour display showing all important functions of the filter and extraction system.

The handling is thus as intuitive for the operator as usual.

In future, the TBH product range will continue to be composed of the known three versions of control electronics

and will be complemented by several optimisations and additional features.


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