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We are pleased to announce a further product improvements of our product offering. Our existing OEN-Series has been expanded with the OEN 250 (airflow rate 1500m³/h).

The system is equipped with special filter cartridges for pure oil mist and oil-emulsion mist with very low particle content. They guarantee long service life and very

effective separation of even large quantities of liquids.   CLICK HERE

COVID-19 UK Announcement

As the world reacts to the challenges of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to reassure all our customers and partners that everything is being, and has been, done to reduce the impact on your business.

Our partner TBH GmbH has recently expanded its premises to cope with an upturn in business.

As a result, we are still receiving all the supplies we need to fulfil orders and delivery lead times are broadly normal.

Whilst working from home we are working hard to continue to maintain a normal level of service.

Should we suffer disruption to our supply chain, manpower shortages, or logistics issues, we will communicate with you as early as we can to help minimise and manage any potential disruption.

We thank you for continued business and wish you well in these challenging times.

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