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TBH GmbH is an independent owner-managed enterprise located in Straubenhardt in the northern part of the Black Forest, Germany.

Since 1992 we have been engaged in the creation of future-oriented and contaminant-free workplaces.

In a total area of 2000m² we are designing and producing our exhaust and filtration systems to clean industrial process air and thereby protect the health of people, environment and machines.

Taking on some of the more complex fume extraction and filtration applications we offer a wide range of cost effective, novel solutions for the modern production facility.

According to our philosophy, our products are designed to meet all international and local quality standards.

TBH products are currently to be found in more than 18 countries all over the world. 

January 2016

In line with our aim to bring the latest technology to the market TBH are pleased to announce the introduction of the all new control “INSPIRE”.

Over the next few months we will be introducing this revolutionary control across our product range.

Together with this we will also be introducing the new Z-Line panel PLUS-Filter, giving a deeper pre-filter with a much larger surface area, reducing costs and prolonging filter life.

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